vom Wüstenjäger

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vom Wustenjager D Litter Puppies

"D" Litter vom Wüstenjäger

We would like to announce our Fall Breeding August, 2016!
 This will be our "D" Litter vom Wüstenjäger. 

Dam: Orie vom Riverwoods

Sire: Amigo von der Riverfields

We are currently accepting deposits.

This is a phenomenal breeding of two extremely nice dogs. Pups from Orie and Amigo's littermate brother Artus have been some of the calmest pups in the home and on lead that we've seen to date. Yet in the field exhibit exquisite nose and excellent, expansive searches on land and in water. Yet close searches in cover for the gun. 

Our purpose in this breeding is purely our own desire to own yet another from this cross ourselves. 

Pups will be triple registered - DKV, NAVHDA, & AKC

Orie vom Riverwoods - on point

Orie vom Riverwoods

Derby 1 4h search - "Suchen Sieger" {top search dog}, Solms 1 - "Suchen Sieger", 

VGP 1 4h search behind duck, SG (J), HD A1
NAVHDA - NA Prize 1 {110 points}

Dam: Xantara vom Riverwoods

D1 (J), S2 (J), S1, VGP1, HN, LN, HD Frei, V1

Sire: Rocky KS von Neuarenberg

D1 (J*), S1 (J), VGP1, VJP 74 pts., KS V3, HN, VBR, LN, SJ, SW 1,1, HD A1, Fw. V

Orie vom Riverwoods duck retrieve
Orie vom Riverwoods on point on quail in WA

CH Amigo von der Riverfields

DKV - Derby 1 4h search, Solms 1, 

HN, Fw. V2, HD B1
NAVHDA - UT Prize 3


Dam: Ava vom Adlerberg

D1 (J), S2, HD A2, V1

Sire: Nik von der Jydebek

D1, S3, S2, AZP1, VGP2, HN, HD A1, Fw. V